Viewer Mail (or, Why Do Idiots Flock to Me?)
I ordinarily don't take the time to answer or post the e-mail I get, but this letter really caught my attention.
To who may concern

Hi I'm one of the Viewers at AMC 30. I like to make a complain on one of your service manager, her name is Breanna. She a Caucasian woman in her mid thirty. On the night of April 13, 2005, around 9:30 PM. I went to the movie with my friend and two of my little cousins. I went to the Guest Service table, and ask one of the worker to exchange movie ticket for another show. The movie ticket was couple of month old; he didn't know what to do. So I asked if I could talk to Breanna a Service Manager. I talked to her about exchanging the movie, but she refuse. Then I ask her to return the ticket, but she refuse. You know what she did? She tears my ticket into many small pieces right in front of my face. Then I got angry, and I started cursing, I apologize for my rudeness. What would you do if you were in my shoe? Wouldn't you be Mad? I asked her if I can talk to another manager, but she refuse. She said, "I'm the only manager". Then I was escorted out of theater by a security. On the ticket, there wasn't any statement saying that a customer can't return or exchange his/her movie ticket. Then that gives me the right to exchange my movie ticket for another movie anytime I wanted too. Don't you agree? Even if it a couple of month old, as long as it not been used.

Your Viewer,
Thuong Tran
First, let me say that I don't have that much respect for the intelligence of the employees at the AMC at the Block. I've had a few good experiences, but on the whole, my experience with their customer service has been lacking. But that's another story. Things may be different, because I try to avoid this theater now. There are too many obnoxious kids, and it's just not worth the price. Why pay so much when there's a Century and a Regal a few miles away, with better screens and seats and less expensive tickets? Was her response inappropriate? Partially. But before I go into why I think her response was inappropriate, I need to pause again and go "wow."
I am not AMC. This site looks nothing like AMC's does, and there is nothing on the site to signify that it may be their site. I'm not sure why you would confuse the two, but obviously you did. If you ever sit down and watch the commercials before the film begins at AMC (or any other chain for that matter), they will shove their websites down your throat. It's an ad. That's the point. You can visit their homepage, their site for their Moviewatcher Club, or their affiliated site that sells tickets. I'm glad that you found this site, although I'm not sure how you did, and once you did, I'm not sure how you would confuse it.
Moving on - are you retarded? Why do you have an unused ticket a few months old? If you bought a ticket and didn't see the film, wouldn't you ask for your money back that same day? Or throw away the ticket? I'm not sure why you would think that you could exchange a ticket for a movie that played a few months ago (and with my luck, you've probably sat in front of or behind me in a theater before). That's just asinine. If you made a reservation at a restaurant and missed it, you cannot claim a space two weeks later. If you miss a concert at the Pond, you cannot take your ticket and claim a seat at an additional one. What in the world made you think you could do the same thing here? Sheesh. AMC does have a policy where gift certificates and coupons never expire. I actually like this. But a gift card or a coupon for a free popcorn or movie ticket is better than an unused ticket to Son of Mask. And what's with the cussing? If you have a customer service complaint, legitimate or otherwise, don't blow up at the person you're talking to. You'll just piss them off, and they'll be less amenable to helping you out. Chances are this person had to listen to idiots like you gripe at them for the entire day. If you remain calm and pleasant, you have a better chance of convincing them.
Now, I don't know exactly what transpired, but I do think it was wrong for her to rip up your ticket. What she should have done was to patiently explain to you (the moron) that you could not exchange the ticket. If I were her, I would have let you exchange the ticket, then explain that in the future, you cannot do this. This way, the situation is defused, you know the limits of your own idiocy, and AMC actually looks good for providing good service. Letting you exchange the ticket is going the extra mile, something most companies probably wouldn't do. I do think it was wrong for her to rip up the ticket, not only because it makes her look less professional, but it also destroys any proof against YOU. As for security, well, if you were cussing up a storm, you were probably creating a disruption so you deserved it.

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