Century Theaters
The reason you won't be able to find much information on Century Theaters is that those sneaky guys have kept the company private. This way, their books are closed to nosy people like me, and they can insulate themselves from the unfounded hysteria that sometimes grips shareholders causing those annoying swings in share price. This may be a good thing, since they were one of the few movie theater chains not to declare bankruptcy a couple of years ago. Century claimed that they were profitable, and also currently claims to have some of the highest grossing screens in the nation. Raymond Syufy founded the company in 1941, and his two sons Raymond and Joseph currently manage the business.
Century Theaters is based in San Rafael, CA, and has close to 900 screens in over 11 states, most of them in the western United States. They have ambitious growth goals in the next few years, wanting push their total number of screens over 1,000.
The main distinction between Century and the other chains is their desire for quality. Most of the theaters they build are the larger multiplexes, and they strive to have THX and digital sound on every screen. This is very expensive, but also very nice.
Currently, Century owns two theaters in Orange County. They are the same company that once had the Cinedome, a style of theater that is seriously outdated. A longtime theater featuring the Cinedomes closed a couple of years ago in Orange.
They operate a chain of art house cinemas called CineArts, but there are less than 10 of these around the country, most in northern California.
Century Theater has a contract with Coke, and has a contract with Fandango.com.

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